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Something You Should Know Before Traveling to Iceland

If adventure and unbelievable sights coupled with myths and tall tales interest you, then considering a trip to Iceland is right where you should be. Adventure can be found on the back of a snowmobile or all terrain vehicle, camping in vast open spaces, or exploring an ice cave. And, of course, you’re considering Iceland travel to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, but there are lots of other natural wonders to be seen during your trip as well. And as you learn more of the culture of Iceland on your journey, you are sure to hear of its trolls and the Christmas Cat. But, to be able to experience all of the best that Iceland has to offer its residents and visitors alike, there is one particularly helpful piece of information: Do not book a house or a hotel before you’ve built an itinerary for your trip.

Though Iceland is just under 40K square miles, which is about the same size as the U.S. state of Kentucky, it is much easier to view all of its many hidden gems if you remain mobile during your trip. If the different attractions you hope to see are spread all throughout Iceland, then choosing a spot to spend the night throughout your travels will serve you better than having to return to a previously booked location at the end of each day. You will have more time spent seeing the beauty of Iceland and less time simply traveling in a vehicle.

Another reason remaining mobile during your trip to Iceland will serve you better is because many of your days are going to be dependent upon the weather, which can change very abruptly. On your list of things you would like to do in Iceland, some will be best done on a clear day while others can be accomplished on a rainy day. Your itinerary will be filled with what you want to do but might not necessarily be scheduled down to the minute. Icelandic travel depends greatly upon the weather, so stopping for the night at convenient places to your journey is much easier and more enjoyable than having to travel from a central, set location and back to that location each and every day.

Because Iceland has so much to offer and because your activities are so dependent on the weather, which changes quickly, you will get much more out of your trip to Iceland by not booking your accommodations in advance but rather choosing them along the way.

We, at Polar Front Adventure Company, are excited about helping you plan your dream adventure to Iceland!

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